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Schneiders Salzburg Womans Long Knit Alpaca 62564 ARIELLE Fur Scarf 62995 in FAWN
Schneiders Salzburg Womans Long Knit Alpaca 62564 ARIELLE Fur Scarf 62995 in FAWN
Luxurious and light, Schneiders' alpaca knit is made for outdoor wear in Austria. The gentle warmth of this long coat is surprising because it's as comfortable as your favorite knit sweater. Sleeves and partial upper-back inside lining provide easy on and off. Sleeves can be slightly rolled up or left down (we like a 1-1.5 inch cuff best). Generously sized front pockets. Real horn buttons. Notched collar can be worn flat or up and folded closed. Dress up with the added ARIELLE real rabbit fur scarf and sophistication is achieved! The fawn color of ARIELLE's knit alpaca blend matches the TIARA coat perfectly and the variegated, natural fur reflect different taupe hues. Coat length is 43 inches (109 cm). Scarf is 55 x 55 inches (140 x 140 cm). Scarf and coat may be ordered separately. Sizing is true scarf: 47% alpaca, 17% cotton, 16% Polyamide, 16% Viscose, 4% Polyester. Made for outdoor wear in AUSTRIA.
Schneiders Salzburg Knit Coat with Scarf FWN
Schneiders Salzburg
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Schneiders Salzburg Womans Long Alpaca Knit TIARA Coat Style 62564 in FAWN
Schneiders Salzburg TIARA Knit Coat FAWN
Schneiders alpaca knit long TIARA coat. Lightweight stretch comfort, excellent warmth. Outdoor wear. Lined sleeves and upper back. Oversized front pockets. Real horn buttons. Length 43 in (109 cm).