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IVKO Woman Intricate Knit Jacket Style 62506 in ANTHRACITE 018 or 038 BLUE
IVKO Woman Intricate Knit Jacket Style 62506 in ANTHRACITE 018 or 038 BLUE
The 62506 INTRICATE KNIT LONG JACKET is a classic piece with a rich structure contrasted by a delicate embroidery that blossoms into a floral bouquet on the back. An elegant standing shawl collar runs the full length of the front, elongating the torso and accentuating the waist-line perfectly. The feminine silhouette gives a great body fit that drapes without pulling or looking sloppy. The plush 80/20 wool/nylon blend is cushy and very warm. Length is 35 inches (89 cm). Runs generous for layering, drapes with no pull, may size down if want more fitted. Available in deep anthracite (charcoal grey) 018 or a deep powdery blue color 038. Made and imported from Serbia.
IVKO 62506 Intricate Knit Jacket ANTH or BL
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